The childish reincarnation of a fully grown adult “SMORES Sandwiches”

Who doesn’t like SMORES? Who doesn’t like sandwiches? Who doesn’t like toast?

FYI – if you don’t – I don’t like you already, but, you should give this recipe a try, maybe ill change your mind a tiny bit.. 🙂

Now lets get this thing straight, this is just a cool recipe, and its still one of those addictive ones. I love it with coffee or any warm drink for that matter and it’s a delicious “I wanna crawl up in the couch, watch Friends and stay at home while skipping work’ – aka the childish reincarnation of a fully grown adult.

You are going to need butter, marshmallows, any type of bread, a little brown sugar, your favorite chocolate bar and a banana.

Ready in 15 minutes.

Mix the two table spoons of brown sugar with two table spoons of room temperature butter and spread it on one of the sides of the slices and place it buttered side down.

Now take the marshmallows, put them in skewers and hold it over an open flame until are blackened in spots and it only takes about ten seconds. Place them on top of the bread, cover it with crumbled chocolate, can be anything – I like it dark and a little spicy and top it with banana slices.

Put them together, and place it in a hot skillet, 1 minute, turn, 1 minute, turn, 1 minute, turn, 1 minute, turn.


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