Special: Dinner for two made at home for Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day – the yet so commercialized but still one of those days that it is social norm to spend it with that special one.

Hear me up – Lets do something special for that special someone – there is no better way to show some love other than spending a little time, transforming simple ingredients in something really really delicious.

Don’t look at me with those eyes – yes you are not gonna mess up – these are foolproof recipes that will make that special someone melt 😉

Lets begin – I believe on a little start up booze

A simple Cuban Combo – you know how we love a little of that cubano heat.


Get 1 part sugar and 1 part in a small souce pan and on medium heat bring to boil – let it cool down before you use it. Now I usually make some extra – because simple syrup is used everywhere in cocktails

If you don’t have a shaker – a big mason jar with a screw top will do. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar, 2 part rum 1 part lime juice and a dash of simple syrup and stir for like 20 seconds – but basically until the sugar dissolves. Add ice and shake – you will know when its done – the shaker will get extremely cold and you will know it time.

Now taste. Cocktails are all about taste. Control that cocktail to your taste.

I like to garnish with a peel of the lime, stretch it, twist it and keep in mind – let it sit in the drink will add a little bitterness – up to you.

A simple delicious salad can be anything you think of


Check out the Salad tutorial here but keep in mind – Pomegranates – use them.

Main course – Baked chicken breasts with sweet potatoes and champignons for two

Image (1)

Al you need to do is:

Warm up the oven on 200 degrees


In a baking sheet, put the diced sweet potatoes, the chicken and the halved mushrooms. Add salt, pepper, finely chopped garlic (go easy on the garlic :P), rosmarine and olive oil. Put it in the oven just like that – 35 minutes. DONE.

Serve it in a big plate – make sure you serve it hot.

Now valentines is all about details. You know what goes well with chicken? A really good glass of wine. I know its cold, but the perfect date night wine is white. Get a Trabiano D’Abruzzo. There are plenty of wineries that have the same brand – choose what’s best for your budget – they all good – Go to Conad – they have a fine selectionJ. Make sure you chill the wine first – let it get a little cold – this whine works wonderfully with the chicken selection and cleans your palate for the sweetness of the sweet potatoes.

As per desert


Check out the easy chocolate soufflé post here. It goes wonderfully with Almost everything.

See? It wasn’t that hard? Now go have fun and take care of that date of yours.


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