The Spiked Minty Milkshake – Oreo Edition

I know its a little cold out but I am having a bunch of cravings, so you gotta deal with me on this one.

Now this milkshake, most definitely not my creation, is featured by Michelin Star Chef April Bloomfield and you can read more about here.

She goes on and on on the complexity, but I am making it a little easier since, lets be realistic – Spending a bunch of hours to make a milkshake is a little off my life goals.

So all you gonna need is Oreo Cookies, Mint ice cream (or whatever ice cream you prefer in the end), A double shot of creme de cacao and a double shot of creme te menthe (more about the selection of alchool in the next sentences). You put all of these in a blender and and mix it all together on slow-medium speed – take your time, you don’t wanna ruin the cookies that much.

Put it in an air tight container and freeze it for two hours or until it has reached a thick consistency. Serve it in a chilled glass and put some crashed oreos on top.

Now the alcohol: If you want to enjoy it right away – dont put alcohol in it – because when mixed with the ice cream it makes it a little watery (thus the requirement of two hour freezing). You can use any sweet alcohol you like – but try to match it with the type of ice cream that you are having. Now that I think about it, I am gonna test it with the Disaronno and vanilla icecream.

Long live the weekend!

Stay warm and dry people!


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