Nutella: The delicious combination

Happy Nutella Day.


This post is less about cooking and more about this unconditional love that has followed us since i remember being able to eat.

I do have one recommendation on how to eat it: Use a spoon or your fingers, or whatever….you know the drill – get your boat floating or let Nutella help you out.


Actually I am a big fan of french toast. What i am thinking right now is simple Nutella stuffed and banana french toast with fresh fruits.

In whatever bread you have handy, spread Nutella on both, cover it with banana slices, put them together, dip it in the eggs and on a hot pan – but remember, use butter rather than oil – much smoother. Now you can either have the fruits fresh or just give it a little coat with sugar and butter in a frying pan. If  you are not much of a sweets type of person – use acidic fruits to balance it off.

I dont know if i have made myself clear – Nutella is Love.

loves nutella


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